In this section the PGN files of all recorded games are listed. During the tournament a group of voluntary scribes is busy digitizing games and placing them online. This is manual labour and a day is often times too short to record 500 matches. Participants who have made their own .pgn files can send these to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please list names of the participants group number and round number.

  Group A Group B Group C Group D Group EF/GH
Round 1 PGN A.1 PGN B.1 PGN C.1 PGN D.1 PGN E.1
Round 2 PGN A.2 PGN B.2 PGN C.2 PGN D.2 PGN E.2
Round 3 PGN A.3 PGN B.3 PGN C.3 PGN D.3 PGN E.3
Round 4 PGN A.4 PGN B.4 PGN C.4 PGN D.4 PGN E.4
Round 5 PGN A.5 PGN B.5 PGN C.5 PGN D.5 PGN E.5
Round 6 PGN A.6 PGN B.6 PGN C.6 PGN D.6 PGN E.6
Round 7 PGN A.7 PGN B.7 PGN C.7 PGN D.7 PGN E.7
Round 8 PGN A.8 PGN B.8 PGN C.8 PGN D.8 PGN E.8
Round 9 PGN A.9 PGN B.9 PGN C.9    
Round 11       PGN D.11 PGN E.11
Round 13         PGN E.13


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